Annual Subscriptions.

Throughout the support plan enrolled, we will support all services. Please let us know if you encounter any issues while utilising our services within the first week (7 days). We will make every effort to resolve your issue, offer a workable solution, find an alternative, or offer a timeframe for a solution that will satisfy your needs. We would gladly provide you with a FULL REFUND for your service purchase if you are still unsatisfied. However, refunds won’t be given in circumstances where at least one (1) primary issue has been fixed.

Return in case of discontinuing/break/alteration of any service element

Suppose we cannot address at least one (1) of the primary issues that customers have contacted us to fix within seven (7) days of the payment date. In that case, customers are entitled to a refund of an amount up to or equal to the entire payment made by the customer. For the refund to be taken into consideration, all charges must be disputed within seven (7) calendar days.

Return in case of one-time or customised service.

We provide standard services. However, occasionally we may need to customise the service part based on your needs. To develop the skill set required for such a custom service and produce certain features that are exclusive to your needs we might have to spend the fortune and have to charge you more for the customization than the regular pricing. We won’t be able to conduct a refund in this situation.

Exception to our Refund Policy

We are an independent firm with no connections to Intuit or QuickBooks. We exclusively work with genuine and licensed products and offer technical support and service guarantees for those products.

If your access to etechnocratexperts services has been terminated due to a breach of our terms of service, we will not consider a request for a refund (FULL or PRO-RATED).

Please contact us by phone at  +1-866-674-6062 or email if you have any questions about our products or services.

We are open from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM EST, Monday through Friday, excluding major holidays.